July 26, 2014

Tanghalang Ateneo's 36th season with the theme “Navigating Identities” all set to open with Han Ong’s ‘MIDDLE FINGER' on August 1

As Tanghalang Ateneo, the longest-running theater company of the Loyola Schools of the Ateneo de Manila University, celebrates its 36th season with the theme “Navigating Identities,” will feature Han Ong’s ‘MIDDLE FINGER,’ an adaptation of the famous German play ‘Spring Awakening’ by Frank Wedekind.

The company aims to stage plays that center on man’s exploration and need to find himself and his place in the world.

Featuring a bilingual script using the original by Han Ong and a Filipino translation by Ronan B. Capinding, MIDDLE FINGER is a coming-of-age story centered on two Filipino teenagers, Jakob Rodriguez and Benjamin Lunga, studying in a Catholic school in America. In a world dominated by adults and social constructs, they attempt to find control and establish themselves as individuals.

Guelan Luarca shall play the role of Jakob Rodriguez, a headstrong and rebellious adolescent boy trying hard to break away from the boundaries set for him by the adults in his life.

Joe-Nel Garcia shall play the role of Benjamin Lunga, the best friend of Jakob, this average student only wants the good and simple things but is suddenly faced with the hard reality of life.

The other members of the cast are as follows:

Brian Ramos plays the role of Yachin, the nerd of the group who tries to figure out a balance between his logical way of thinking and undoubting faith in God.

Gab Tibayan plays artistic Wallace who had had the unfortunate luck of having birds nest in his hair.

Avie Alcantara plays Michael, the new American kid in school just trying to fit in with the rest of the boys.

Niki Calma portrays Myrna a prostitute who serves as the ironic authority figure for Jakob, trying to teach him the intricacies of adult life.

Marjorie Lorico will essay the role of Mrs. Rodriguez, who stands as mother and moral compass for Jakob.

Joseph dela Cruz plays the role of Mr. Rodriguez, the unresponsive father figure in the Rodriguez household who seems to have given up with the challenges of life.

Dolly de Leon will play the role of Mrs. Lunga, the stoic mother of Benjamin Lunga who slowly loses to the world.

David Bianco will portray the role of the teacher, and Richard Cunanan shall play the pivotal role of the Counselor.

Members of the ensemble include Juella Bautista, who plays Celia, the quirky love interest of Yachin, Aih Mendoza playing Hilda Rodriguez, the older sister of Jakob who has left home, Soc delos Reyes playing the roles of bartender and Jerome Flor playing Mickey, the older brother of Yachin, driven to insanity by his physical appearance.

The artistic team of MIDDLE FINGER is led by Glenn Sevilla Mas (Artistic Director, Tanghalang Ateneo), Ed Lacson Jr. (Director and Production Designer), Teresa Barrozo (Sound Designer) and Meliton Roxas Jr. (Lights Designer).

The playdates of MIDDLE FINGER are as follows: August 1-2, 4-9, 11-16 and 18-22,2014. The play starts promptly at 7 p.m. Matinee shows start at 3 p.m.(Saturday).
The press preview is set on July 30 at 6 p.m.

All performances will be held at the Fine Arts Black Box Studio of the Ateneo de Manila University.

For details of the show, please contact Acel Go at 0916-480-2195 or email:ta.mpc78@gmail.com.

Connect to Tanghalang Ateneo online through the following social media networks:

#NoToSofitel and #BoycottSofitelPH trending continues, UNTV37 Boycotts Sofitel Manila for Discrimination

Now on its second week, the campaign #NoToSofitel and #BoycottSofitelPH have been enjoying the top trending in twitter worldwide, and have created a louder buzz on facebook and instagram.

UNTV has launched a campaign that challenges its supporters to take part in.

At appoximately 9:17 PM (PHT) on July 19, 2014, #NoToSofitelDay7 and #BoycottSofitelPHDay7 start to fill the 3rd and 4th spots on Twitter’s Worldwide Trends.

The campaign stemmed from the report received by UNTV37 Chief Executive Office, Kuya Daniel Razon, that Hotel Sofitel Manila dropped the station from its channel listings. 

This, for no apparent reason.

This prompted Razon to call on UNTV37 supporters to launch a boycott against the hotel for clear discrimination of the station – a free channel that should be enjoying any and all channel listings in local and cable TV providers.

Soon after the launching of the campaign, issues after issues against said hotel were brought to the public’s attention. 

Age discrimination

Earlier in June, distinguished Election lawyer, Atty. Romulo Macalintal, filed a case against Sofitel when it refused to grant him 20% senior citizens discount on February 8, 2014, while he was dining with a friend at the Sofitel Le Bar Restaurant.

Macalintal claims that this is a violation of his rights as a senior citizen and that such move by said hotel is a clear case of age discrimination.

Social Status discrimination

Another issue that was brought to public attention is about the two nannies who were denied entry to the hotel’s buffet area just because they were wearing “scrub suits.” 

This apparently happened in December 2012, when said nannies of one of the guests in a wedding reception held in Sofitel were not allowed to enter the buffet area where they were about to dine because they were in their nanny uniforms. 

Said guest, who is also an Accor Advantage Plus member, cried social status discrimination pertaining to the incident.

Accor Advantage Plus is a program that offers Accor hotel customers advantages and rewards, wherein one of its member-hotels is Sofitel. 

Racial discrimination

Another incident was the refusal of Sofitel for a Filipino teenager, who was a hotel guest, to enter because the security said that “food bought from outside is not allowed.”

This happened in November 2013. The young man who didn’t really enjoy the food in the hotel bought food from a fastfood chain; but upon entering the hotel, the security guard didn’t allow him entry and told him to just eat the food in his car.

The following day, one of the young man’s companion saw a number of foreigners entering the hotel with “food bought from outside” right in front of the hotel security. 

Good thing this companion brought his smart phone and was able to video the whole thing. But when he showed the video to the Duty Manager, all that was said was “pagsasabihan ko na lang po ang guard” [I will just tell about this to the guard].

No sooner than he said it, another group of foreigners came in with “food bought from outside”. A glaring case of racial discrimination.

Media discrimination

And just recently, this action by Sofitel against UNTV37 happened. Razon and UNTV supporters cried media discrimination.

In its official statement, Sofitel reasoned “system-limited” facility as the basis of them removing the station in its channel listing.

Netizens who support UNTV37, on the other hand, stressed that a 5-star hotel with a limited system to carry a local free-tv channel is beyond any sane man’s comprehension.

They claimed that a small eatery with a rundown TV set is able to receive transmission of UNTV37, so why can’t a 5-star hotel, with supposed high technology and state-of-the-art facilities?

For them, this is simply absurd. And very unacceptable.

Sofitel also stated that it will consider re-instating the UNTV Channel if this is a request from their guests.

From UNTV37 side, however, the fact that the station formally requested Sofitel to include it in the channel list is already a guest request and feedback. 

The event conducted by the station in Sofitel costs more than a hundred guests. Therefore, Sofitel’s lack of action to reinstate UNTV37 is evidently unjustified.

For UNTV, this is what the campaign is all about. It is about the station’s indignation of the absurd, its refusal to accept the unacceptable, and its rejection to excuse such unjustifiable act.

The station maintained that discrimination in any shape or form does not, and should not, have room in a society that upholds democracy.

And the #NoToSofitel and #BoycottSofitelPH trending continues.

Within just 30 minutes of its first mention, #NoToSofitelDay12 and #BoycottSofitelPHDay12 climb up the 4th and 5th spots of Twitter's Philippines Trends.

DOH recognizes 'unsung' heroes of Typhoon Yolanda

The Department of Health (DOH) recently gave tribute to the “Unsung Heroes” of typhoon “Yolanda” (Haiyan) for their contributions in helping the victims and families affected by the strongest cyclone to hit the Visayas region last year.

Here's from the Department of Health:

The Department of Health (DOH) today recognized the efforts of all the brave souls who have dedicated their time, services, expertise and resources to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda (internationally named Haiyan).

“While we acknowledge that our help and support to Yolanda-affected areas is far from ceasing, at the moment there is some breathing space for us to pause and reflect, and to modestly acknowledge those who have been our partners in relief assistance,” Secretary Health Enrique Ona said.

It is appropriate that recognition is given to local government units, local health teams and volunteers, DOH regional hospitals and offices, and, especially, to foreign partners who went out of their way to extend every help they can.

On November 8, 2013, Typhoon Yolanda was recorded as the strongest in Philippine history. It was accompanied by monstrous winds and storm surges (10-15 feet) which smashed into coastal communities before leaving the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) on November 9.

Initial report on November 8, revealed that a total of 26,675 families or 125,604 persons were affected in 33 cities and 73 municipalities in 22 provinces. A total of 109 evacuation centers were initially established. The cyclone caused catastrophic destruction in the Visayas, particularly Samar and Leyte, to which, according to UN officials, about 11 million people have been affected and left homeless.

However, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC), revealed that there were 6,201 deaths and 27,665 injured. Most of the fatalities came from the three towns of Tacloban, Palo, and Tanauan, Leyte. Most of the injured suffered from cuts, wounds and fractures during the disaster while others were injured in flooding that followed the typhoon. Furthermore, 1,785 persons were reported missing. Extreme damage to infrastructure greatly affected the transportation of relief goods and the communication lines.

After the immediate provision of food aid, clean water, temporary shelters, and basic medical care, the original concerns over basic needs shifted to those on infectious disease, malnutrition, childbirth problems, mental health issues, and the needs of those with chronic diseases.

Stories were told. The team from Albay, one of the first to arrive, came in total darkness of Sunday, November 10, after traveling by ferry from Matnog and by land to Tacloban. The team from NCR was deployed and their goods supply was left behind in Cebu. This team had trouble eating for 2 days, living on cookies and dole outs from other groups.

“To the almost 9,000 medical/health responders from about 222 institutions and agencies, including the 351 medical teams both local and foreign, thanking you is an understatement. The DOH is indebted to all of you,” Ona concluded.

July 25, 2014

Paseo Verde with a lifestyle centered on wellness

Paseo Verde offers a lifestyle centered on wellness in a truly green environment.

“It is nice to live in a place where you can see trees and green grasses outside your window and gives you the feeling that you’re away from the city.”

“South is the place that are being heavily developed, soon it will or might become the new business hub, since most of the place in Metro Manila is already full. The opportunity could be right here. And this is not a loss it could also be a gain for me, because I see this as my first investment.”

These are from the two students, Doreen Joy Rosell and Maria Jessica Bello both students from FEU.

Education is the most important inheritance a parent can give to their children, with proper guidance and right up bringing, a child can never go wrong with his or her decisions. This holds true in the case of these two students. At a very young age they persuaded their parents to buy them a condominium unit at Paseo Verde in Las Piñas City.

Paseo Verdé is a transit-oriented, eco-friendly and cost-efficient mid-rise residential condominium project located in the heart of Metro Manila. 

A mid rise condominium located South of Metro Manila interest the two students, Doreen Joy Rosell and Maria Jessica Bello both students from FEU, because of its unique features that Paseo Verde offers to its unit owners. The bike facilities and electronic bike charging is just one feature that the condominium offers, it also has park and play ground of its own located in its premises.

Plus the certified accreditation by the Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence (BERDE) and a member of the Philippine Green Building Council for its steps toward promoting a sustainable community.

Presently, the awareness in promoting and living in an eco friendly place is the current fad among young people today. They want to give their contribution in protecting the environment and helping it in their own way.

In the end, they are positively sure that after they graduated and find the right job, they know that it’s their turn to pay the rest of the monthly payment.

Power toothbrush from Philips

A person’s smile conveys happiness, pleasure and amusement. And the power of this smile has plenty to do with how clean one’s teeth are. That’s why people go to great lengths to ensure their oral hygiene with daily brushing and regular visits to the dentist.

Power toothbrush from Philips promises advanced plaque removal.

“Oral health is something that people should not overlook. Clean teeth and gums not only look good, but also help us to avoid oral infections and even diseases,” comments Ms. Me-Ann Achacoso, Philips Business Development Manager for Health and Wellness.

To promote good oral habits, Philips is introducing its new Sonicare EasyClean toothbrush. Equipped with its very own patented sonic technology and ProResults brush head, the Sonicare EasyClean promises to whiten teeth by removing and reducing stains, with up to two times more plaque removal than a manual toothbrush.

According to Ms. Achacoso, the Sonicare EasyClean toothbrush produces 31,000 brush strokes per minute which results into a dynamic cleaning action that drives fluids between the teeth and along the gumline to remove harmful plaque.

It features a Smartimer that helps ensure the recommended dental time for brushing, and a Quadpacer that encourages thorough brushing in all quadrants of the mouth.

In addition, the SoniCare EasyClean features an angled brush head neck to help access the back teeth and otherhard to reach areas of the mouth. The EasyClean toothbrush is proven safe on orthodontics, dental work, veneers, implant material and sensitive teeth.

“Poor oral health can lead to expensive and painful dental procedures. We at Philips have developed meaningful innovations for taking care of your overall health, so you can enjoy and put a smile on things that matter most,” concludes Ms. Achacoso.


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