February 1, 2015

Gifted kids - Then and Now , Nurturing giftedness for a new generation

I remember these Gifted kids from 1995 TV commercial - Kiko Galura, James Flores, and Shaira Luna.

The world has long been fascinated by prodigies—gifted kids whose accomplishments at such a young age, shed light to a child’s inherent talent, intellect and precocity.

Looking back at the Gifted Alumni, they are really inspiring a new generation of giftedness.

In the Philippines, perhaps no other personalities represent the concept and reality of what gifted children are than the three who illustrated it via one of the most memorable television commercials of the 90s—Kiko Galura, James Flores, and Shaira Luna.

But what has become of the three gifted kids featured in the brand’s most prolific commercial yet? The budding poet? The promising astronomer? The medical marvel? 

First of all, they’re all grown up now and second, their accomplishments as adults are just as impressive as what they were able to deliver as kids. 

The young poet, Kiko Galura, has an established career as a publisher in one of the country’s biggest publishing houses. From making words come to life in his poems, he now provides an opportunity and a voice to other storytellers.

James Flores, who was known for his proficiency in astronomy stayed within the sciences, albeit in a different field, taking his masters in clinical psychology. From his love of the stars and their radiance, he helps bring out the brilliance in every child through outreach programs in music for children.

And finally, Shaira Luna, who was poised to enter into the medical world, grew up to become one of the most talented photographers of her generation. From her mastery of the human anatomy, she now captures the best in human form with her photography, building a successful career around her passion.

Was there ever any doubt that they wouldn’t grow up to become successful gifted alumni?

Last January 28, Promil Pre-School launched its Gifted Movement campaign by bringing together three of its Gifted Alumni, Shaira Luna, Kiko Galura, and James Flores. The three first appeared in the brand’s 1995 TVC where they became a household name in the 90s. Now, 20 years later, Promil Pre-School brought the trio back to launch the Gifted Movement Campaign where we want to create a community that supports giftedness in the Philippines.

Nurturing giftedness for a new generation.

Excellence can be achieved with the right balance of Proper Care, Proper Nutrition, and Support from Parents

It’s easy to assume things come easily to naturally gifted kids. But it’s important to remember that it’s a factor of different things that will carve out a good future for any child. 

“A gifted child can be expected to learn faster than other children, have more varied interests, have greater depth of feeling and generally be more than other children,” explains Dra. Leticia Peñano-Ho, President of the Philippine Center for Gifted Education

That said, one can only imagine how they have to struggle with expectations and the machinations of educational systems not built to support such young talent, not to mention the pressure it puts on a child’s social development. 

But environmental conditions, honing the dedication to succeed at such an early age, as well as providing good nutrition, are all factors that contribute to their development—and are all typically provided for by their family.

Also present during the event were some of the present featured gifted children, Hamzah Marbella (painting), EJ Villarin (violin), Sage Araneta (composer at age 4 and can play the piano, guitar, and drums), and the newest Promil Pre-School gifted child, Hansel Ang (piano)
To celebrate the current success of the gifted alumni, Promil Pre-School brought back together the famous trio, almost 20 years after their commercial first aired on national television. The brand’s heritage on giftedness is further exemplified through their achievements and their journey towards becoming valuable gifts to society.

“Throughout the years, Promil Pre-School has been encouraging parents to keep nurturing the gifts of their children. As we usher in a new year, we encourage others to become advocates of giftedness as well,” says Dian Yu, Product Manager of Promil Pre-School.

Parents always envision the best for their children –From providing expert care, to the highest quality nutrition, to supporting their children’s interests and endeavors. Whilst some parents are deeply involved in their children’s development, the idea remains to be unsupported and uncelebrated by most.

In 2015, Promil Pre-School is launching their Gifted Movement campaign, which is a movement to supporting and celebrating giftedness in the country. The brand aims to spark interest and gain the commitment of moms and consumers to take an active role in advocating giftedness and nurturing it.

“Promil Pre-School, as a catalyst for the Gifted Movement campaign, puts focus on discovering and bringing out the inherent talent of today’s youth, by way of providing the proper nutrition, and proper care,” says Yu.

“Combined with the support of parents to continuously encourage kids to find their passion and make learning enjoyable, there’s no end to what this new generation can accomplish, ” she adds.

And as a testament to this, one only needs to look at how these alumni successfully grew to become the passionate, well-rounded individuals they are today.



"Season of Desire" - a story of love, treachery and vengeance


As a pre-Valentine treat, come and watch Featuring Elaine Lee (soprano), Ivan Nery (tenor), Lawrence Jatayna (baritone) and Dingdong Fiel (piano). Directed by Nazer Salcedo. 

"SEASONS OF DESIRE" is a tribute to the Filipino Asianovela craze, as well as an attempt to extend the love for opera to a broader audience. Using selected opera pieces from Mozart and Verdi, " Seasons of Love " features tropes from local and international dramas - the sudden tragedy, a betrayal of trust, a plot of revenge, a redemption --- and incorporates these tropes to songs from famous operas such as Le Nozze de Figaro, Magic Flute, La Traviata and Rigoletto.


1. Mozart: Marriage of Figaro Overture
2. Mozart: Cinque, dieci, venti... (Marriage of Figaro) - duet
3. Mozart: Ein Madchen oder Weibchen (Magic Flute)-solo
4. Mozart: In Uomini (Cosi fan tutte)- solo
5. Mozart: Deh vieni alla finestra (Don Giovanni)- solo
6. Mozart: Papageno/Papagena duet (Magic Flute) - duet
7. Verdi: Mini Overture from Rigoletto
8. Verdi: Questo o Quella (Rigoletto) - solo
9. Verdi: Signor ne principe (Rigoletto) - duet
10. Verdi: Caro nome (Rigoletto) - solo
11. Verdi: Cortigiani (Rigoletto) - solo
12. Verdi: Mio Padre...Tutte le feste (Rigoletto) - duet
13. Verdi: Si vendetta (Rigoletto) - duet
14. Verdi: La donna e mobile (Rigoletto) - solo
15. Verdi: V'ho ingannato (Rigoletto) - duet
16. Verdi: Addio del passato (La Traviata) - solo

“Seasons of Desire” – a story of love, treachery and vengeance in an opera concert set on FEBRUARY 7, 2015 – SATURDAY - 8 p.m. at the Abelardo Hall, College of Music in U.P. Diliman, Q.C. 

“Seasons of Desire” is a story of a couple excited to start their lives together as a family. While they prepare their wedding festivities (Cinque dieci, venti – Le Nozze di Figaro), there was a reminiscence of the man searching for a maiden to be his wife (Ein Madchen oder Weibchen – Magic Flute). A call of fate happened that one rainy afternoon, he saw this lady doing her chores singing to herself (In uomini, in soldati – Cosi fan tutte). Their eyes met and the man serenades her (Deh vieni alla finestra – Don Giovanni). This encounter blossomed into a romantic entanglement. Nothing is sweeter than love. They finally got married and started their lives together they did planning on having children (Papageno/Papagena duet –Magic Flute). Soon, season of love bears fruit to a lovely daughter. 

The mother died during childbirth. The season of treachery and vengeance loomed. The used to be strong man is now an old weak father. He raised the daughter on his own. She grew into a beautiful maiden. Every morning she goes to work at the Hopia de Leche Factory. The infamous owner of the factory is known for using his charm to lure women. For him, women are nothing but a bunch of toys for pleasure (Questo o quella – Rigoletto). With her innocence, she never thought that this man has an evil agenda on her. He did his sweet talks and she immediately fell for them (Signor ne principe – Rigoletto). She felt like floating in love, enchanted by his charms, his handsome physique (Caro Nome – Rigoletto).

The owner asks permission from the maiden’s father, with the intent of bribe to take her out for a day. The father, enraged by the man’s seemingly immoral character, turns him down, sends him away. His refusal pushed the owner to do something drastic. 

As the day is about to end, the father went to fetch his daughter from the factory just to find out that his daughter was no longer there. Desperately he searches for his daughter fears for her safety and time is running out (Cortigiani). Suddenly the father hears a cry, calling his name. He sees a helpless maiden apparently torn of her dignity (Mio Padre…tutte le feste). The father vows vengeance as soon as he finds the mystery criminal (Si vendetta, tremenda vendetta). 

The mystery man wore a mask man revealed his identity at the bar as he brags to his drinking buddies that women are easily replaceable (La donna e mobile). The father recognizes the boss of her daughter in the Hopia de Leche Factory is the mastermind. He found an opportunity to plot his revenge by knocking the man unconscious. When the man gained consciousness, he was tied up and shouts for help. The innocent maiden freed him in return he killed her. This is treachery. The father saw a dead body in the room where he locked the man never to expect it is his daughter. She apologizes to her father as she bids farewell. Her spirit will rest together with her mom. She pleaded her father to forget vengeance and just forgive (V’ho ingannato). She pleads to forgive and let go of all the anger (Addio del passato – La Traviata).

Featuring topnotch artists Elaine Lee (soprano), Ivan Nery (tenor), Lawrence Jatayna (baritone) and Dingdong Fiel (piano), "SEASONS OF DESIRE" written by Vladimeir Gonzales and Directed by Nazer D. Salcedo, is a tribute to the Filipino Asianovela craze, as well as an attempt to extend the love for opera to a broader audience. Using selected opera pieces from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Giuseppe Verdi, the one-night only opera concert shall feature tropes from local and international dramas - the sudden tragedy, a betrayal of trust, a plot of revenge, a redemption --- and incorporates these tropes to songs from famous operas such as Le Nozze de Figaro, Magic Flute, La Traviata and Rigoletto.

Soprano Elaine Lee was called “a new star in the Philippine Opera World” (Malaya Newspaper) with her “clear articulation, unerring pitch, her style smooth and fluid” (Philippine Star).

She has had various performances both in the Philippines and in Canada. She also joined the San Diego Opera Chorus in California. Her most recent roles were Lucy in Menotti’s The Telephone and Musetta in Puccini’s La Boheme with the Philippine Opera Company. On the side, Elaine produces her own concerts and stage productions that feature opera excerpts, Chinese and Filipino folk classics, and Broadway selections. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music, with a major in Opera Performance (from the University of British Columbia in Canada). There, she played Papagena in Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte, Shirley Kaplan in Kurt Weil’s Street Scene, Hebe in Offenbach’s Orpheus in the Underworld and Sarah Good in Robert Ward’s The Crucible. Other noted opera excerpts she has performed are Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro, Gounod’s Romeo et Julliet, Heggie’s Dead Man Walking and Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Gondoliers. She has also done a recording with XAX Music Entertainment for a translated Korean Teleseries soundtrack, Endless Love 1 Autumn In My Heart in 2002. Other achievements include awards from the Vancouver Women’s Musical Club and the Kiwanis Music Festival. 

Presently, she has this vision for a while of producing a concert that comprise of opera excerpts that contains a storyline. It is a ‘Glee’ related influence style but in an opera format. Her goal is to be able to access and educate local audiences about opera.

Described as “an artist who possesses a beautiful voice that is smooth and clear and with a wide range of coloring plus unsullied musiciality” Tenor Ivan has been slowly earning a reputation as one of the most promising young tenors and a major talent to look at to in the country today – Inquirer.net

Ivan Niccolo C. Nery

Ivan Niccolo C. Nery is a Tenor from St. Scholastica’s College, Manila. He has been very active in the country’s opera and classical scene during the past few years, portraying mostly lead roles and some minor roles and was featured in numerous concerts around Manila. Ivan won the 1st prize in the Jovita Fuentes Vocal Competition and is an Aliw award nominee for best actor in a musical (Noli me tangere the opera 2012).

Lawrence Jatayna
A respected baritone in the Philippine classical music scene, Lawrence Jatayna has done solos for the major works of Beethoven, Puccini, Mahler, Rossini, and Mozart, and has done significant roles for the operas La Boheme, Madama Butterfly, Cosi Fan Tutte, and The Magic Flute. He has also worked with the Singapore Lyric Opera (SLO) in January 2008 as “Doctor Grenvil” in “La Traviata”, was an opera chorus member of SLO’s “Tales of Hoffmann” (Feb-March 2009), the Singapore Symphony Orchestra’s “Fidelio” (February 2012), Opera Viva’s “Fences” (August 2012), then with SLO again as The Registrar / chorus member in “Madama Butterfly” (February 2013). As a chorister, he was a member of the U.P. Singing Ambassadors (UPSA) in 1995 and was able to travel with the group to the U.S.A., Israel, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Denmark, the United Kingdom, and finally to Switzerland, where UPSA won First Place in the Festival Choral de Neuchatel. In 2001, he was a pioneer resident artist of the first professional choir in the Philippines, The San Miguel Master Chorale. Lawrence is the vocal coach and vocal arranger for Philippine Opera Company’s “Harana” and “Ang Bagong Harana”. He acquired his diploma from the U.P. College of Music, Major in Voice, under the tutelage of the late Professor Elmo Q. Makil. He is a currently a freelance vocal coach, vocal arranger, and voice instructor and is a voice faculty member of the University of the Philippines College of Music Extension Program.

Dingdong Fiel
Dingdong Fiel earned his Bachelor of Music degree from the UST conservatory of music and was the recipient of the RECTOR'S AWARD FOR ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE having obtained the highest academic average of the entire course, as well as the BENAVIDES AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT. 
After graduation, he studied for more than 2 years at the FRANZ LISZT Academy of Music in Weimar, Germany under Rector ROLF DIETER ARENS (Solo Piano and Chamber Music). He also studied Vocal accompaniment with the eminent pedagogue PROF. KARL PETER KAMMERLANDER. 






Through sponsors like the DEUTSCHE POST, THUERINGER AUFBAUBANK, SPARKASSE THUERINGEN and THE FRANZ LISZT STIFTUNG, Dingdong was able to perform in a series of CONCERTS AROUND EUROPE, ASIA and the USA- in Spain, Italy, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, The Czech Republic, Serbia, Croatia, Guam, China and Japan among other countries.
He was commissioned by the Embassy of Greece to write music for the Greek silent film "THE GREEK MIRACLE" and was commissioned to write music for the SPANISH FILM "PILAR GUERRA". Both films were shown at the 5TH MANILA INTERNATIONAL SILENT FILM FESTIVAL 2011. 
Last February and March 2013, He was the Musical Director /Vocal Coach for Repertory Philippines' manila staging of the musical " NO WAY TO TREAT A LADY". Dingdong was the Musical Director of “LORENZO” Rock Opera by Ryan Cayabyab, which is set for a repeat run at the CCP. He is at present the musical director of “Into the Woods” produced by Upstart Productions.

Nazer D. Salcedo
Nazer D. Salcedo is a stage actor, director and classical singer. He is currently finishing his Masters in Theater at the University of the Philippines Diliman. A faculty of De LaSalle University Dasmarinas and MINT International College. Trainer and Artistic Director of Teatro Lasalliana of DLSU-D, He was part of the Actors company of Tanghalang Pilipino of The Cultural Center of the Philippines from 1999 to 2004. A Grand National winner of the 1994 Kundiman Fiesta. One of the first Filipino to perform in Avignon theater festival in France. Inquirer’s Bravo best of theater best featured actor in a musicale in 2006, 2007,2010. He has worked with Repertory Philippines, Trumpets,Tanghalang Pilipino, Gantimpala theater foundation, Dulaang Talyer, Dulaang UP, Music Theater Foundation Of the Philippines, Opera Guild, Kidz Act, Philippine Opera Company, Bit by Bit production GMA-7 and ABS-CBN. Some of his memorable Theater Credits are Mabini (Aguinaldo, Dulaang Up 2014) Maxie the Musicale (Mang Paco, Bit by Bit production 2013), Josephine (Director, Up’s Dulaang Laboratoryo, Teatro Lasalliana 2013), Ang Bagong Harana (Philippine Opera Company 2011-2013), Orosman at Zafira (Boulasem, Dulaang UP 2010,2011,2013), The Three singing Gondoliers (Venetian Macau, Asian Tour 2009) Isang Panaginip Na Fili (Tunying, Dulaang UP 2009), Pilipinas Circa (Tanghalang Pilipino 2007) Himala (Pilo, Tanghalang Pilipino 2005), Rite Of Passage (Tiyoy Berning, Tanghalang Pilipino 2004), Walang Sugat (Tanhalang Pilipino, World Expo In Aichi, Japan 2004) Le Cercle (Dulaang Talyer, Avignon France Theater Festival 2003), Candide (Candide, Dulaang Talyer 2000), Mayo Bisperas ng Liwanag (MTFP, US Tour 1998). Recently he was a nominee in The Aliw Awards.

For ticket inquiries, please call 0919-4722340 or send email to productions.bellanotte@gmail.com

January 31, 2015

Epson Powers Star Dome - A New Star City Attraction

There’s a new dragon that made its secret lair inside the Star City Amusement park in Pasay, and this one has a beautiful story behind it.

Launched last December, Star Dome – Star City’s newest attraction, features holographic technology and dome projection to tell a timeless, compelling story about a prince, a princess, and a dragon.

“We are very proud to showcase the power of Epson’s projectors in this one-of-a-kind show. Star Dome is the first and only installation of its kind in the country and Star City is only the third in the world today to feature this attraction,” said Epson Philippines Corporation’s (EPC) President/Country manager, Toshimitsu Tanaka.

For its dome style projection, Star Dome is using the Epson EB-Z8450WU projector – a high-end unit capable of a 360 degree installation, projects HD-quality WUXGA images, and sports a 7,000-lumens lamp. With its proficiency for geometrical corrections and accurate color matching (edge blending), the Epson EB-Z8450WU is perfect for unique installations.

“As the Number 1 global projector brand, Epson is proud to lend our innovative technology to highlight the creative projection applications that Star Dome uses,” added Tanaka.

Aside from the dome set-up, the attraction features an interactive giant book that users can manipulate by swiping, giant ‘talking’ heads animated through projection mapping, and live-action/holographic technology hybrid story telling.

When asked why Epson projectors were chosen for this theme park attraction, Lyn Lizarondo, EPC’s Product Manager for Visual Instruments, explained that the strength of Epson projectors lies in the company’s proprietary 3LCD technology.

“Compared to our competitor’s similarly-priced 1-chip projectors, the colors that Epson 3LCD projectors provide are usually three times brighter. With brighter colors, stories come alive, presentations make a bigger impact, and entertainment – your HD movies and 3D games – becomes much more immersive,” said Lizarondo.

The International Committee for Display Metrology (ICDM) reviewed the initial work done by Epson and scientists working for 3LCD. The committee concluded that customers should consider Color Light Output (CLO) as a relevant metric when buying a projector. A higher CLO means more vivid and realistic colors. On the other hand, 1-chip projectors cannot claim the same since they can only produce 1/3 of Color Light Output vis-à-vis their White Light Output. As such, for customers to get their money’s worth, they should insist on the Color Light Output specs for their projector purchase.

Epson is a global innovation leader dedicated to exceeding expectations with solutions for markets as diverse as the office, home, commerce and industry. Epson's lineup ranges from inkjet printers, printing systems and 3LCD projectors to industrial robots, smart glasses and sensing systems and is based on original compact, energy-saving, and high-precision technologies.

For more information about how projector buyers should look for color light output, visitwww.epson.com.ph/colorbrightness

January 30, 2015

Kariton Klasrum Program goes nationwide

Developed by CNN 2009 Hero of the Year Efren Peñaflorida, the Kariton Klasrum is a program where volunteers filled wheel wooden pushcarts with learning materials and sanitation supplies to teach basic education and hygiene practices to out-of-school children.

As part of the effort in promoting inclusive education nationwide, the Department of Education (DepEd) is replicating the Dynamic Teen Company's (DTC) Kariton Klasrum made popular by CNN Hero awardee Efren Penaflorida, Jr. By expanding the project nationwide, DepEd and its partners intend to address the needs of hard-to-reach learners and out-of-school children and youth (OSCYs).

Education Secretary Br. Armin Luistro FSC said the DepEd aims to reach out to out-of-school youth and street children through the project. 

“Children should not be required to adjust to our system of education,  it is the system of education that should address their needs,”  he said.

The program provides greater mobility for children-at-risk, OSCYs, and school drop-outs in accessing basic education through the Alternative Delivery Modes (ADM) program of DepEd. 

Education Secretary Br. Armin Luistro FSC said, “This project aims to have a 100% reintegration rate of the beneficiaries into mainstream or regular schools. Just as we accommodate the unique needs of indigenous peoples and special learners, we also try to fit our modes of delivery to the unique conditions of children at-risk, especially those in the streets."

According to Peñaflorida, there are already a total of 84 ongoing Kariton Klasrum sites. He explains that the goal of the program is to get the children back to school. “Hindi ito replacement sa regular classroom. Ang gusto namin ay ma-entice silang mag-aral ulit.” After three months under the Kariton Klasrum Program, the students will be evaluated for school-readiness. “We are never too strong to do things on our own. Your presence now secures our future. It is very important,” he added.

DepEd Undersecretary for Partnerships and External Linkages Mario A. Deriquito said that a total number of 106 Kariton Klasrum sites is the target for NCR. He then posed the challenge of reaching out to the farthest areas and “to look for those who have been overlooked.”

Deriquito also invited partners to help in the program and said, “We encourage companies, organizations, and individuals to support the Kariton Klasrum Program. We need help in providing students’ school supplies, storybooks, and daily feeding programs as well as teacher's kits, slippers, hygiene kits and vitamins. Volunteers for the projects activities are likewise invited to join.”

Prior to the implementation of the program, a full assessment of project sites, a mapping and validation of children at risk on the streets will be done by DepEd in coordination with DSWD and barangay LGUs, who will also provide "tanods" (watchmen) in the project sites to ensure security. To date, there have already been 27 initial areas which were identified as new Kariton Klasrum sites. DTC is tasked with training volunteers and monitoring the program implementation, while DepEd takes care of the curriculum and the program implementation per se.

Luistro added that it should not be the children who will adjust to the education system but the other way around. He also invited everyone to “learn from the children at-risk in streets” and said, “Sana matuto tayo sa mga batang nasa lansangan at makita nating marami pa tayong dapat matutuhan, kasama nila.”

January 28, 2015

Matteo Guidicelli, Jessy Mendiola enjoy test drive at the Yamaha Tricity grand launch

Lean to a new trend with Yamaha! 

Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. unveils the latest in transportation ingenuity, the Yamaha Tricity. 
Jessy Mendiola and Matteo Guidicelli,
ABS-CBN's Star Magic celebrity and Kart racer champion Matteo Guidicelli with actress/host Jessy Mendiola graced the Yamaha Tricity's grand launch last Sunday, January 25 held at the SM Mall of Asia Concert grounds where the country would witness and experience the future of personal mobility.

A revolutionary design that is meant to create a new standard city commuter, it is equally efficient as it is practical without having to sacrifice the quality of its overall performance.

This exclusive feeling is indescribable; the only way to really know how the Tricity will redefine your lifestyle in the city is by riding it.

Built for a unique but natural movement, the core of this new commuter vehicle technology is the Leaning Multi Wheel or LMW. 

This system allows two front wheels to deal with changes in different road surfaces while keeping both tires in contact with the road as it leans. It provides a unique experience during each ride that is felt in every turn; any angle; surpassing the standards of style, performance, and technological innovation.

Along with Guidicelli, Mendiola, other celebrities and personalities made their presence felt during the 2-day extravaganza to become part of the newest style fad in the motoring world. Hosting the event were Rico Robles and Karen Bordador, and dance exhibition of the Philippines All Stars  hip-hop dance group. The stars wouldn’t be the only ones who would take it for a spin; everyone had the chance to feel a unique way to move.

Philippines All Stars 

Rico Robles and Karen Bordador

The test riding area has been retrofitted to showcase the abilities of the Tricity, the track included speed bumps, wet spots, ramps, and uneven surfaces.

Also present were the executives of YMPH. President, Mr. Toru Osugi; Sales and Marketing Director, Mr. Kaoru Ogura; Sales General Manager, Mr. Romeo Tan; and Marketing Section Manager, Mr. Ryan Jude Camus.

The Yamaha Tricity was conceptualized with the idea of it being “Smart for All”, a creation that was in pursuit of “Refined Dynamism”, Yamaha’s own design philosophy. 

The design elements of the machine reflect its modernity and elegance, giving an impression of dynamic movement, a look of confident intelligence that beautifully envelops the rider. 

The feature point of this New Commuter Vehicle is the LMW mechanism or Leaning Multi Wheel, a mechanism that allows two front wheels to deal with changes in different road surfaces while keeping both tires in contact with the road as it leans. Its function is perfected because of the harmonious integration of 2 key systems.

·      A PARALLELOGRAM LINK, a system that allows the parallel leaning of two front wheels and separate functioning of independent suspensions.

           ·      and a CANTILEVERED TELESCOPIC SUSPENSION for the two front wheels with unique machine dimensions and geometry.

           ·      It also has a UNIFIED BRAKING SYSTEM (UBS). When the rear brake lever is applied, force is administered to the front two discs and single rear disc.

            ·      It has a displacement of 125 cc and is available in all 3s shops nationwide with the suggested retail price of PHP 146,000 and comes in matte red or white.

Experience a whole new level of enjoyment with the Yamaha Tricity, an innovation that gives convenience and fulfillment; surpassing the standards of style, performance, and technological breakthrough. 

Created to fit the urban lifestyle of the city trendsetter, the Yamaha Tricity has finally arrived.

Welcome to Yamaha’s ever growing World of personal mobility. 

The world was set into full rev when it became part of Thailand’s budding metropolis.

It hit the streets of Japan where it was received with such curiosity being the first of its kind; then it was a steady leaning takeover in Europe where the locals learned how to move, live, and love. Now in the Philippines, it takes the Filipino lifestyle to a whole new level by teaching the country how to Move Like No Other.

Ride it for yourself, visit your nearest Yamaha 3S Shop and be part of a movement that redefines the future of transportation, today. 


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